Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tough Times

BC is clearly being caught in the worldwide recession. Our ties to world markets - particularly the American one - has made a difficult situation worse for residents of our great province.

There is too much to mention about the difficulties facing the forestry industry right now, but here are a few links:

"Tembec to lay off 1400 Workers"
There will be 975 jobs lost in British Columbia - few in Cariboo-North - but nonetheless, that is 975 families who will be without a good, steady pay cheque.

"Price of Average B.C. home to drop"
The price of the average BC home is set to drop by 13 percent. While this information is mostly for the Greater Vancouver Area, I have noticed housing prices drop in Quesnel, and other Northern Communities, as people fear for their livelihood.

Gordon Campbell has brought BC into deficit again. While I am happy that BC is not following the Alberta route of absolutely gutting the public service [early 90's]; it must be asked that if the economy had been better managed from the start, the current downturn would not be hurting British Columbians so much.

I know there are many more issues - The Olympic overruns, Job losses, The Environment...the list goes on.

I look forward to May 12th, when BC can be returned to the public trust, rather than remaining in the hands of the Premier's friends.

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