Thursday, October 30, 2008

Democratic Involvement

Last week I was a part of a rally to save jobs and old growth forests at the British Columbia Legislature. It was amazing to see the passion displayed by not only the environmental groups, but the trade union representatives who were on hand.

I have found these two groups are often at odds with each other, but not anymore. As I said to the media, people are willing to fight to make a tangible difference in British Columbia. I think it is amazing when citizens turn up in massive amounts to tell their government what's what.

On a local note, the Quesnel School District recently unveiled a hybrid school bus. This initiative should be able to pay off in the long run - bringing down fuel costs for the School District and contributing fewer emissions to our atmosphere. I hope to see more of these buses around the province in the future.

Lastly, congratulations to Spencer Herbert in Vancouver-Burrard, and Jenn McGinn in Vancouver-Fairview. Clearly, voters are already sending a message to Gordan Campbell that it is time to shape up. Interestingly, Spencer Herbert is now the youngest sitting MLA in the BC Legislature. It just goes to show you are never too young to change politics.